Notice of Annual General Meeting Postponed to 13 July 2019

NPO registration: 081-261
PBO registration: 930-036-168

Notice of the
2019 WGSA Annual General Meeting

In line with the 2014 WGSA Constitution you are hereby notified that the 2019 WGSA Annual General Meeting will take place on:
 13 July 2019 at 10h00.

To date only 12 members responded to our previous call, which does not constitute a quorum.  We urge ALL MEMBERS to please make an effort to attend or at last indicate their willingness to participate via zoom.

Venues for Johannesburg and Cape Town will be announced in due course.  Members outside of these two centers will be able to participate in the AGM via ZOOM


1.  Opening and Welcome Chairperson – Harriet Meier 
2.  Attendance
2.1  Proxies and Apologies
2.2  Establish Quorum
Public Officer:  Thea Aboud
3.  Acceptance of Agenda Chairperson:  Harriet Meier
4.  Acceptance of Minutes of the Previous AGM on 30 April 2019  Chairperson:  Harriet Meier
6.  Constitutional Changes
6.1  Voting
Public Officer:  Thea Aboud
7.  Chairperson’s Report
7.1  Acceptance
Chairperson:  Harriet Meier
8.  Portfolio reports
8.1  Professional Development and Membership
8.2  Communications, Relations and Marketing
8.3  Legal Services
9.  Treasurer’s Report Treasurer:  Lukhanyo Sikwebu
10. New Business Chairperson:  Harriet Meier
11. Election of council and election results Public Officer:  Thea Aboud
12. Closing Chairperson:  Harriet Meier


The current WGSA council would like to table changes to the Constitution.  Please see attached all relevant information.  Kindly study these changes before the meeting and direct all enquiries to

PLEASE NOTE that we require a two thirds majority vote to pass the changes to the constitution, and urge all members to please vote.

Documentation attached:
1)  The minutes of the previous AGM of 30 April 2018.
2)  The approved 2014 WGSA Constitution
3)  The proposed 2019 WGSA Constitution
4)  A summary of all proposed changes for easy reference
5)  The 2018/2019 Auditor Report and Financial Statement



Nominations for council members has also been extended and will now close on 5 July 2019 at 12h00. Voting for Election of the 2019/2020 WGSA Council will open at 12h00 on 8 July 2019 and will remain open until 10h00 on 13 July 2019.

1) Existing council members need no nomination, but need to confirm that they are members in good standing (fully paid up), and that they are prepared to stand for another cycle. Their standing has to be seconded.
2) Full and Candidate Members may nominate themselves or may be nominated by another Full or Candidate member. If they are nominated by another member, the nominee needs to confirm via email that they accept the nomination.  Nominees must be members in good standing (paid up members).
) Voting members may ask direct questions of any of the nominees via, and nominees are expected to respond to the best of their ability.
) Electronic voting will take place via SURVS. Every voting member will get the link and the system will only allow one person to vote per link to ensure that every member only votes once. If two members reside at the same premises and make use of the same computer, the second person will need to contact

Only Full and Candidate Members in good standing (members who have valid membership on 8 July 2019 will receive access to the electronic voting process.

Please click below to indicate attendance or if you will participate via zoom, to nominate yours3lf and others for council or to appoint a proxy

2019 WGSA AGM:  Attendance, Proxy Appointments & Council Nominations