A professional service provider to develop training content and tools for a basic screenwriting Train the Trainer course  

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WGSA Invitation to Tender:

A professional service provider to develop training content and tools for a basic screenwriting Train the Trainer course

1.Writers’ Guild of South Africa
The Writers’ Guild of South Africa (WGSA) is the only professional association in South Africa with a mandate to protect, empower and develop performance writers in the local film, television, radio, stage, animation and new media (internet – mobile and digital distribution, and gaming) industries. The WGSA is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) which is solely dependent on fundraising. Its mandate is governed by a constitution and a council. All activities are executed by volunteer council members and a part-time Executive Officer.

2.Train the Trainer Project
A professional service provider to develop training content and tools to train trainers to teach basic screenwriting in rural areas. The project will identify and train 2 experienced writers with an aptitude for teaching/training from each province whose mother tongue is representative of the specific province. The participants will have:

  • at least two years’ experience in the industry
  • a screen credit as Writer
  • computer literacy – word processing, presentation and screenwriting programme proficiency (final draft).
  • knowledge on the basics of story development and scripting.
  • some training experience – have been exposed to some form of teaching, training, facilitation of meetings and workshops, etc.
  • some editing experience – can evaluate and edit scripts and development material.
During their training period, the content for the skills lab will be formally developed and each trainer will be fully familiar with the course content in English. Thereafter, the course content will be professionally translated into the 10 other official languages. Once qualified, these trainers will then return to their province to work under our supervision and implement skills labs in their specific provinces.

The Train the Trainer project forms part of the WGSA’s outreach programme. The outreach programme falls within the WGSA’s Core Services Delivery Strategy, Professional Development Programme.


Tender Call Out 22 October 2019
Questions from prospective suppliers 25 October 2019
Responses from WGSA 26 October 2019
Deadline for Submissions 7 November 2019
Evaluations 10 November 2019
Notification of preselection 11 November 2019
Interviews 13 November 2019
Contract Implementation 15 November 2019
Completion of Contract 15 December 2019
Timelines are estimated and are subject to change.


Complete and submit the Service Provider Application (at the bottom of this notice), by 7 November 2019 not later than 12h00  

The Service Provider Application includes:

1. Train the Trainer course outline that:

  • addresses the necessary skills required for participants to become trainers, delivering engaging and compelling basic screenwriting workshops.
  • covers basic training skills including facilitating, needs analyses, and navigating a culturally diverse environment
  • addresses basic screenwriting concepts that the participants will use in training a scriptwriting course but the curriculum itself is NOT the scriptwriting course, however, the course must include guidelines on how to develop a curriculum
  • is designed to be delivered over 10 working days to approximately 20 participants
2. Letter of motivation detailing why you are the right candidate

3. The following key points must be considered when responding to this Tender:

  • Please ensure that you submit your application in good time – late submissions will not be considered.
  • Do not submit any additional documentation unless specifically requested.
  • Completion and submission of your application does not guarantee the award of any contract from the WGSA.
  • Please ensure that your responses are concise, unambiguous, and directly address the requirement stated or question posed.
  • WGSA reserves the right to modify the provisions of this tender at any time prior to the scheduled date for applications.  Additional scope and requirements may be added.  Notification of such changes will be provided to all prospective vendors.
  • By submitting an application, you are confirming that you understand the requirement and have sufficiently addressed all aspects of the tender and information contained within and that you have checked all stated details, such as prices, to be correct and as intended.
  • Questions relating to clarification of the tender can be submitted to not later than 12h00 on 25 October 2019.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to enter into a Service Level Agreement with the WGSA which will define the service levels that need to be agreed with the WGSA and will form the foundation of the roles and responsibilities of the successful candidate.
  • The services contract awarded under this tender is for a period of one month.
  • The curriculum developer is expected to license the course to the guild for a period of five (5) for exclusive use by the guild and come into an agreement of the terms and conditions of its use.
  • Although the curriculum developer might not be the trainer/facilitator of this course, the course itself must be developed well enough to meet with the SAQA quality standards.
  • If the successful candidate is not a WGSA member, it will be expected that he/she will become a Full WGSA member before the tender is awarded.
5.Evaluation Criteria
A set of detailed evaluation criteria has been prepared by the WGSA for the evaluation of every application. Evaluation of applications will be undertaken by an evaluation panel. This will consist of WGSA representatives with significant experience and knowledge of the requirements. The qualitative aspects of your application will be evaluated entirely on your response submitted. Evaluation of all applications will only consider the information presented within the application. Any previous experience must be clearly evidenced in the application.

The evaluation criteria will be based on the following:

1 Course Curriculum Outline Pass / Fail
2 Letter of Motivation 10
3 Curriculum Development Track Record 20
4 Experience & Expertise
4.1   Scriptwriting
4.2   Training / Facilitating
5 Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity 10
6 Writers’ Guilds of South Africa Knowledge and Understanding 10
7 Quality Management 10
8 Pricing 20


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