IMDbPro Tips & Tricks – Showcase Your Career with Your Name Page

IMDbPro Tips & Tricks – Showcase Your Career with Your Name Page

Hello there! I’m Jed and I’m part of the team at IMDbPro. My role focuses on connecting with entertainment professionals so we can continue to improve and expand our product in ways that enrich your career. I’ve learned that some people only use IMDbPro specifically for one thing, so I’ve started this instructional series to help members optimize their IMDbPro membership by explaining how to use all of its features, especially those that have launched in the past few months.

As an introduction, I thought a good starting point would be covering Name Pages, the bread and butter of IMDbPro.  So let’s begin with the basics:

What’s the difference between IMDb and IMDbPro?

IMDb has a wealth of entertainment information for fans, which these days is pretty much everyone. Everyday IMDb visitors fall down its rabbit hole of entertainment trivia, videos, and info to jog their memory about an actor or movie’s name, discover a new film or TV show, or view trailers and images. Ask around and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find someone who has never visited IMDb to learn more about an entertainment program or celebrity, answer their entertainment questions, or settle a wager.

IMDbPro, on the other hand, is an expanded resource of IMDb specifically for professionals working in the industry. IMDbPro includes all of the information on IMDb in addition to contact information, representation details, in-development titles, comprehensive STARmeter data, industry news, box office data, and other extras that are important to entertainment professionals.

What is a Name Page?

Ever wonder how many writing credits a peer has or how to get in contact with them about a project? Log into IMDbPro (with a 30-day free trial if you’re not already a member), search for them, and you’ll come to their Name Page, which includes a list of their representation and their contact details, what in-development titles they’re attached to, how their STARmeter has fluctuated over time, and more professional information to help you make a connection.

Name Pages are how all of IMDb and IMDbPro’s users learn about your career. IMDb and IMDbPro Name Pages are connected, and IMDbPro members can curate how their information is promoted on both sites (more on this below), which helps you manage your brand and position yourself for the types of projects you’re looking to land next.

How do I manage my Name Page?

If you are a current IMDbPro member and haven’t done so already, you can claim your Name Page here. ( Claiming your Name Page gives you greater access to edit your page so you can optimize how your career is promoted. Updating your info on IMDbPro also affects your IMDb page as well as the details featured on Amazon Prime Video and Alexa-supported services. Below are some examples of these enhanced editing features and how you can use them to your advantage. **Note that the below hyperlinks will direct you to your own Name Page only if you are logged into an active IMDbPro account.**

Known For: The top of each person’s Name Page includes a short list of the titles they worked on and that they are most “Known For.” It’s a career snapshot that gives viewers a quick sense of who you are and where they might know you from. This is algorithmically generated based on the viewing habits of IMDb fans but with IMDbPro, you can customize your “Known For” titles ( and be more strategic about showcasing the work you’re most proud of.

Let’s say your filmography is primarily TV credits but you’re looking to do more feature films. If you have past feature credits, you can move one or more titles into your Known For section so that viewers get a fuller picture of your work during a quick perusal of your Name Page.

Primary and Featured Images: Similar to Known For, IMDb by default will set a Primary Image for your Name Page and six featured images. It might select the first headshot you ever took, which may have been taken years ago. As an IMDbPro member you can curate the images that best represent who you are and the career you are pursuing. Your featured images can be updated at any time and as often as you choose.

A great tip for talent: update your Primary Image headshot (  to best match the characters you are currently auditioning for.

Vanity URLs: IMDbPro members also have the ability to create a custom URL that links to your Name Page. IMDbPro members are directed to your IMDbPro Name Page and everyone else will go to your IMDb Name Page. These short, manageable URLs are perfect to add to resumes, business cards, and other print materials as well as your social media bios, email signature and more. To create a vanity URL, click “Edit your page” at the bottom of your Name Page. (

Access your IMDbPro Discount

If you’re not yet a member of IMDbPro, don’t forget that you can start with a 30-day free trial. Members of the WGSA receive a discount of 25% off. Reach out to your guild administrators for instructions on how to redeem this benefit. This discount can be applied to an annual or monthly membership.

What will I cover next?

Like I said, this is just an introduction. Moving forward I’ll be creating more content that highlights different features and tips to help you optimize your time on IMDbPro. If there is a particular topic that you’d like to hear more about, let your guild administrators know. I’ll be in contact with them to make sure my content is relevant to your work.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time, if you’re hungry for more IMDbPro content, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.