Who we are


There is a common generalisation about creative people being businesses, and this calls for Performance Writers to act and behave like professional business people. Then professional writers will be treated with more respect and receive better remuneration.…

The Performance Writer’s job is to manage the story. Our task does not end with the words “Fade to Black”. Our work ends at the premiere. We are the story experts. Our talents and skills are unique. We should respect these, and take our job seriously. Then we will deserve to be taken seriously. “

“Being professional means doing the thing you love to do, especially on the days you don’t want to do it.”

– Julius Erving

The Writers’ Guild of South Africa is the only professional association in South Africa with a mandate to protect, empower and develop performance writers in the local film, television, radio, stage, animation and new media (internet – mobile and digital distribution, and gaming) industries.

The WGSA is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) which is solely dependent on fundraising. Its mandate is governed by a constitution and a council. All activities are executed by volunteer council members and a part-time Executive Officer.


A Performance Writer creates projects which are meant to be acted, sung or spoken out loud – in other words, performed. This includes not only screenwriters who work for film and television, but also playwrights, radio writers, lyricists, computer games creators, animation writers, audio description writers, radio and TV news writers and – would you believe, speech writers. If you are unsure if you are a performance writer, please contact the Guild.


One writer alone has less power than two; two have less than three, three less than four, with the etceteras running into infinity. As a group, we can lobby and succeed where the individual will certainly fail.

The WGSA is here to accomplish collectively what cannot be accomplished by one writer alone.

No writer should have to face an adversary who has violated his or her rights alone. That fight belongs to the Guild. We are here to accomplish collectively what you cannot accomplish alone, and to uphold the rights of writers by standing between them and a conflicting company or employer.


Although the WGSA accomplishes a great deal for its members and writers in general, there are a few things we don’t do. We don’t:
  • Find employment for performance writers or refer / recommend any particular performance writer for assignments, but we do facilitate opportunities via job alerts
  • Sell or share our membership database for solicitation purposes
  • Evaluate or edit your work, but we facilitate access to competent script editors via our website
  • Submit your work to producers, but we facilitate opportunities via our website
  • Provide a typing service