Bongi Ndaba

Bongi Ndaba is a South African born and bred writer, director and producer who started in theatre as a child in 1993, then moved to write for television in 2003 at one of the top SA soapies Generations, which she ended up be a headwriter for in 2011. She raised their viewership by 3 million, breaking its own record. She did the same when she was head writer for Uzalo, the show broke its own AR record when it hit 10.2 million viewers in 2018. And she revived a dying show called Isidingo which saw a growth of more than a million viewers saving it from being canned by a channel. The following is her other TV writing portfolio. She was nominated for a SAFTA 2009, Best Supporting Role as Thembeka in a Shakespeare adaptation of King Lear – Izingane Zobaba. Her short film ‘Father Christmas Doesn’t Come Around Here’ was awarded the Best Narrative Short 2010, for Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Also was part of IEMMY nominated South African drama, Home Affairs.