Muse Awards

The WGSA MUSE Awards is the brainchild of former WGSA Chairperson, Harriet Meier and was launched in 2013.

The primary objective of the WGSA MUSE Awards is to recognise the hard work done by our members in the SA film, TV and entertainment industry. In the words of Harriet Meier, “It is an award by writers for writers, which finally shines the spotlight on the often forgotten custodians of SA arts and culture”.

These awards are only open to Members of the Guild. The WGSA Muse Awards forms part of the WGSA’s schedule of initiatives to strengthen the writing profession by offering skills development programmes as well as protecting the interests of South African performance writers.

This year, the award ceremony will take place in Cape Town, in partnership with the Cape Town International Film Festival and Market.

The actual muse award has been designed and donated by Kohl Graphics

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