Writers’ Guild of South Africa (WGSA)
Membership Benefits

Professional Development

  • Monthly training sessions in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. In 2016 we took our workshops to Soweto.
    • These are either knowledge share sessions (3 to 4 hours) or a full day workshop with a professional performance writer.
    • The sessions also offer a great platform for interaction with one’s peers.
  • Annual master class with a professional performance writer / teacher from abroad. In May 2016, the WGSA hosted the Peter Russell workshop.
  • The WGSA Annual Muse Awards:
    • Honouring the South African performance writers – an award for writers by writers. This is also a huge opportunity to get your work read by industry professionals, local and international.
    • In 2019, this will form part of the screenwriters’ conference the Guild will be hosting.
    • Our Great Idea Competition will run simultaneously in 2019.


  • Networking and marketing of your work: In 2015 the WGSA started to make use of the Department of Trade and Industry’s SSAS scheme, through which the WGSA can take 20 writers to 4 different international markets per year.
  • Local networking and pitching sessions with local producers.
  • The WGSA is a member of SASFED (South African Screen Federation) and therefore has access to Government and is able to discuss issues around performance writers with these governing bodies.
  • As a member of the International Association of Writers Guilds, the WGSA has access to knowledge and shared experiences from guilds that are far more advanced than our own.
  • The WGSA has membership to the Blacklist, where WGSA members can upload their work free of charge.
  • Regular job alerts and calls for scripts and competitions.
  • Access to discounted prices on Final Draft

Legal Services

  • Behind the scenes, the WGSA council and its executive officer are lobbying for the rights of performance writers:
    • The copyright bill has now been revised and we are awaiting finalisation.
    • Standard rates – beneficial to performance writers.
    • Standard contracts – beneficial to performance writers. We are in negotiations with IPO.
  • The WGSA offers an inexpensive script registry to protect your work and proof ownership. [See below]
  • Advice on contractual and industry related issues. However, since the WGSA does not have lawyers, we do not provide legal advice or legal representation.

Membership Application Process

  • Complete and submit the online application form below
  • Attached all the relevant requested information
  • Members who are renewing their membership need to update their contact details by email to
  • We will receive an invoice for your membership fees, make payment and send proof of payment to
  • Your membership will be confirmed with a receipt.

Membership Fees
2018 / 2019


  • Should your status change during the year, you need to apply for upgrading
  • WGSA Membership is valid for 1 year
  • Please ensure that you submit an application form to


WGSA Current Account
Standard Bank, Northcliff
Branch No: 006305
Acc No: 300082444
Acc type: Current



Script Registration Process

  • Script registration is open to members and non-members
  • Before registering your script, please send a request to register to (REMEMBER TO STATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP STATUS.) The WGSA will send an you invoice.  Once you have made payment, please return to this page and click on the online registration link below
  • You will need to upload your proof of payment on the online form
  • Before uploading your script, please name the file in the following way:  the title of your script, SPACE, the version number, UNDERSCORE, your name. ( e.g killertomcat vs1_adamsmith). NOTE THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE SPACE IN THE FILE NAME.
  • Only 1 script registration can be done at a time.  Fill in a seperate form for each script you wish to register
  • Only .pdf format files may be uploaded
  • Four free updates are allowed – email to with the updated version.  REMEMBER TO USE THE SAME NAME WITH AN UPDATED VERSION NUMBER
  • A further four updates can be purchased for R100 – see fees below
  • You will receive a confirmation of your registration after submission
  • Your script registration number will be send to you via email

Script Registration Fees

  • Members:           R200 per script
  • Non-Members:  R400 per script
  • Additional Updates for members(from version 5 to 9):  R100
  • Additional Updates for non-members (from version 5 to 9): R200