Thank you for your interest in entering the WGSA Muse Awards.

Before You Enter

  • Have a copy of your ID/Passport scanned to your computer
  • Have a copy of your screenplay or script ready:
a.      Unproduced Screenplays or Scripts must be registered with the WGSA Script Registry or a recognised script registry before submission.  b. Screenplay or Script Ownership. If you no longer own (or are not the sole owner of) the screenplay or script rights, please obtain written permission from the current owner or co-owners to enter their screenplay or script. This permission document must be submitted with the entry form. An example of this permission can be accessed here.

PLEASE NOTE:  In the case of multiple writers or owners, all the writers must sign one permission letter.

c. Screenplays and Scripts Formatting. Please make sure you adhere to internationally accepted industry and presentation standards otherwise your entry will be disqualified. There is no refund if your entry is disqualified.

3. Make sure the screenplay or script is named correctly:

a.      Must only be identifiable by the Title (in capitals) on the front page.

b.      Underneath the Title, unproduced work must have a second line which reads: “WGSA Script Registration Number [fill in the relevant registration number]”

c.      Every page must have a page number in the header on the top right, in line with the Title of the work.

4.      Make sure you understand the WGSA Muse Awards Entry Categories & Guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE:  Before you can submit your entry, you need to make the necessary payment. You will not be able to have access to the form otherwise. Proceed to Payment.

How to Enter

1.      Have the necessary supportingdocumentation ready:

1.1.    ID/Passport scanned and ready for upload

1.2.    Proof of payment (saved from when you made payment)

1.3.    Screenplay or script (named correctly and if unproduced, see WGSA
Script Registry)

1.4.    Signed permission letter (if applicable)

2.      Fill in the appropriate form:

2.1.    WGSA Member Entry Form for WGSA members.

2.2.   FAS Entry Form for members of other African guilds(see Categories & Guidelines for more information).

Judging Criteria


The following are some of the guidelines the WGSA Muse Award judges use to analyse and score screenplays and scripts during the competition (and apply to some categories more than others):

 Story Idea

  • Is there a clear theme/premise?
  • Is this a fresh unique story idea for you?
  • Is there an audience for this screenplay? Niche audience appeal is also acceptable.



  • Are the characters fresh and unique for you?
  • Does the character have a clear outer goal, need, and a flaw?
  • Is the character three dimensional, emotional, and memorable?



  • Is the dialogue filled with exposition?
  • Does the dialogue deliver information concisely and effectively?
  • Do characters speech patterns convey a sense of tone, place and time?



  • Is there a sense of pace?
  • Is there conflict and are there stakes?
  • Does the story display a sense of structure? Unconventional / non-linear structures count.



  • Is the world authentic?
  • Does the writer establish a tone and atmosphere?
  • Are there details in the writing that indicate the writer knows the world and therefore make the world authentic for the reader and or viewer?


Use of language

  • Do they make use of screenwriting techniques and mechanisms to deliver information?
  • Does the use of language evoke atmosphere, mood and feel?
  • Did the writer proofread? Are there any spelling and grammatical errors?