Useful links


The South African Screen Federation (SASFED)

Represents the interests of most film and television industry organisations as a collective federation.

The National Film & Video Foundation (NFVF)

A statutory body mandated by parliament to spearhead the development of the South African film and video industry.


Box Office Guru

A comprehensive and constantly updated collection of film box office stats, including opening/total grosses for over 1600 pix released since 1989; current and past opening weekends; monthly averages; a release schedule for the coming four months, and some very pithy commentary by site owner, Gitesh Pandya. Gitesh deserves a medal.

The Trailer Park

Billing itself as “the most comprehensive movie trailer and clip directory on the Internet”, this site provides several hundred links to pages with video clips and trailers, organized by movie company, distribution (US vs. Foreign) and movie title. Includes trailers and clips from recent and classic releases as well as several upcoming movies. (Note that these clips will play best on high-speed connections).

TV Party

A large, easy to digest collection of facts and photos of some of the great and not-so-great television shows of days gone by. Remember “Jukebox Jury”? “The Goldbergs”? “Get Christy Love”? The site even includes short video clips (in RealPlayer format) from some of your favourites.

The Worst Movies on Earth

A website that dares to present the most awful attempts at celluloid creation in the history of cinema. Plus a handy listing of the worst upcoming events pertaining to movies. How could you not?

Episode Guides

This site contains episode lists for over 1,550 TV shows. Each list contains titles and airdates. For over 375 shows there is a more detailed episode guide containing guest stars and plot summaries.

Greatest Films

This extensive website contains plot summaries (with actual film dialogue), review commentary with emphasis on story content and historical background, film history per decade, posters, trivia quizzes, famous scenes, Academy Award historical info, and all manner of “best films” lists. A real find for the true movie buff.

Lost at E Minor

An online arts and entertainment zone for smart people.

Inside Film

An extensive and hype-free online zone about the entertainment industry, from an Aussie perspective.

Sight and Sound

An arts and entertainment blog from a European perspective.

The Internet Movie Database (IMdb)

First and foremost, the site contains the best searchable online database of information about films. Over 180,000 of them! But the IMDB site doesn’t stop there. This vast resource also includes current and near-future movie releases, recent box office numbers, movie quotes, daily entertainment news, and much more. Indispensable.

Next Nature

An arts and culture blog with an emphasis on graphic design that’s part Onion and part Print magazine.


All About Screenwriting

A site offering many full screenplays, info on script structure, agent listings, contests, and a screenwriting club.


Screenwriters Utopia

Lots of interviews, articles, and links of interest to both new and seasoned screen-scribes. The site also has a bulletin board and chat areas.

World of Writing

Many writing-related links.

How to Start a Blog

The Black List

Where filmmakers find great material to make, and great material finds filmmakers to make it.


Done Deal

A constantly-updated list of recent film script deals, including title, log line, studio, agent, price, and other info. A truly great resource. Be sure to check out the New Archives section.


Film Festivals Server

Comprehensive worldwide festival coverage.

Inside Film Magazine Online

This site features listings of film festivals all over the world, as well as articles which focus on independent film and filmmakers.


A deep, comprehensive database of Oscar information spanning the entire history of the event. This site offers a flexible and user-friendly interface to help you search for all kinds of facts and stats about the Academy Awards. Could provide the winning edge in trivia bets as the ceremonies draw near.


The Writers Store

The Writers Store is recognized as a leading resource for specialized software, books, supplies and reference materials for writers and filmmakers. An artist-friendly destination for established screenwriters and authors as well as newcomers, the Writers Store not only provides the necessary tools of the art, but is also a welcoming haven for the writing community to connect and share tips and tales.

Writer’s Dreamtools

A collection of tools to enhance writers’ and students’ creativity, spark ideas and fight writer’s block.

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