Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Writers Guild of South Africa Script Registry.

To get you started, the following are frequently asked questions regarding script registration:

What is script registration?

Script registration offers writers peace of mind when submitting material, but should not be confused with copyright, the laws around which are not universal. Registration proves your script was written on a certain date should a program that closely resembles your work be produced by a third party and you wish to take legal action (it is important to note that ideas alone cannot be registered). Because the rules around evidence vary, registering your script in the jurisdiction(s) where you intend to submit it is the best way to ensure your material will be recognized as valid evidence should a dispute arise. The following are links to IAWG member script registration services. (IAWG)

Is the script registry for members only?

No, script registration is open to both members and non-members. Members qualify for a discount. To take advantage of the discounted fees, make sure you are a member in good standing by contacting to obtain membership information.

Does the WGSA Registry only register screenplays or scripts?

No, you may register outlines, concepts, synopses, treatments, unproduced screenplays or scripts.

Why do I have to register my unproduced work?

It’s a record of ownership. Never pitch, or send out your script to a third party before you have protected it by registering it with the WGSA Script Registry.

How soon will I receive my document of registration?

Between 24 and 48 hours via email as a PDF attachment.

How long is my script registered for?

Your script registration is valid for 3 years and includes four free updates!

What happens to my script when it expires?

It will be destroyed automatically after 3 years.

What happens if I pay for an update? Will that extend my registration by a year?

No, the update fee covers the administration of your script registration.

What if I don’t want my script to expire?

You will need to start a new registration, pay the registration fee, if you wish to keep your script registered.

What happens if I’ve registered my script and I’m involved in a legal issue, and I need proof that the work belongs to me?

You may request a copy of your work by writing to Your written request must be accompanied by the registration number of the project as well as a certified copy of your identity document or passport.

Where can I register the book I wrote?

Although we will allow you to register manuscripts of novels and or poetry, we recommend that you rather consider registering your work with CIPC


Script Registration Fees





Fee (per registration)

R 200.00

R 400.00

Updates (version 2 to 5)



Updates (version 6 and over)

R 100.00

R 200.00

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the script registration process.

Before you register


  • Only one (1) script registration can be completed at a time. You will need to fill in a separate form for each script you wish to register.
  • Only PDF files may be uploaded. There is a standard way you need to name your PDF file: the title of your script and the version number (e.g. Killer Tom Cat Vs1).
  • When updating your script, and this must also be done online, please use the SAME file name with an updated VERSION NUMBER (e.g. Killer Tom Cat Vs2)
  • A further four updates can be purchased. See Fees & Incentives.


  • Have a copy of your ID/Passport scanned to your computer
  • Have your script(s) ready for upload (i.e. in PDF and named correctly)


  • Have a copy of your Company Registration Certificate and
  • Have the ID/Passport of one of the named members on the company registration certificate scanned on your computer.
  • Have your script(s) ready to upload (i.e in PDFs and named correctly)

Proceed to payment. Please note that before you can register a script, you need to make the necessary payment. Filling in the form without making the payment first will result in your script NOT being registered.

How to register

  • Have the necessary documentation ready
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Once payment is complete, PayFast will send you a confirmation of your payment.
  • Save the confirmation. This is your proof of payment. You need to upload that as well.
  • Fill in the form and upload the necessary documentation
  •  Once you have submitted your registration online, you will receive a registration confirmation with your WGSA Script Registration Number. It is recommended that you insert the registration details on the title page of your script.

Already Registered Your Work?

You are entitled to four free updates before you pay again. Free updates can be made here.

How to pay

Thank you for your interest in registering your work with the Writers Guild of South Africa Script Registry. Please use your Name and Surname or Company Name as reference for the proof of payment. Choose your preferred method of payment:

Direct Bank Deposit / EFT

PLEASE NOTE: Cash payments, acceptable for once-off payments, need to carry an additional amount of R 45.00 to cover banking fees.


WGSA Current Account
Standard Bank, Northcliff
Branch No: 006305
Account No: 300082444
Account Type: Current


Register (One Script) R 200.00 Pay
Update (One Script – version 6 and more) R 100.00 Pay


Register (One Script) R 400.00 Pay
Update (One Script – version 6 and more) R 200.00 Pay

Registration Form

Please make sure you have your proof of payment ready before you fill in the application form. Your script registration will not be processed without this

If you experience any problems with the script registration or payment process, please contact