Membership Benefits

Script Registry

The WGSA offers an inexpensive Script Registry to protect your work and provide proof of ownership. It is open to all writers – not just members, but members qualify for discounted rates on the service.

WGSA Muse Awards

All members are eligible to enter the WGSA Muse Awards. An award ceremony for writers by writers.

Special Offers

The WGSA has a Black List membership, where WGSA members can upload their work free of charge. Members also have access to discounted prices on Final Draft and IMDBPro.

Professional Development

Empowerment and development through discounted workshops and knowledge share sessions.

Legal Services

Through the WGSA Legal Services programme, members can solicit advice on contractual and industry-related issues.

PLEASE NOTE: The WGSA does not have lawyers. We do not provide legal advice or legal representation.

Behind the scenes, the WGSA council and its executive officer are lobbying for the rights of performance writers:

  • The Copyright Amendment Bill – The WGSA is part of the Copyright Coalition of South Africa, dedicated to protecting rights of content creators and campaigning for the redrafting of the Copyright Amendment Bill.
  • Standard rates and standard contracts/agreements – The WGSA is currently in negotiations with the Independent Producers Organisation

A Writers Guild of South Africa membership is valid for one (1) year.

Membership Categories

To qualify, you must be one of the following:

1.   Student – an aspirant performance writer enrolled at a legitimate learning institution. Applications must be accompanied by a valid proof of enrolment.

2.   Candidate – an aspirant performance writer who has not yet had work produced. Once a script has been produced, a Candidate Member must apply for a change of membership.

3.      Full – a performance writer who has had work produced in any of the scope disciplines.

4.  Corporate – writing companies / production houses employing staff writers qualify for this category (includes a maximum of 5 writers). Corporate members must update their member list annually – each writer within the organisation must complete the WGSA application form.

Fees & Incentives







R 220.00

R 500.00

R 700.00

R 1,200.00

Member Benefits





Seat on Council


Vote at a General Meeting


Free Advertising



Membership Status



1. Only Full members are eligible to run for council.

2. Only Full members are eligible for one vote during the Annual General Meeting.

3. Only Full and Corporate members are eligible to place advertisements to be shared with members.

4. Full members are eligible to use their membership as a status by placing the letter WGSA behind their name.

Application Process

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the application process.

Before You Apply

There are a few things you need to know:

·  The WGSA has a payment plan available for all categories except for Corporate and Student membership

·  A minimum of R100 deposit is required. The remainder of the amount may be paid monthly over 10 months or any other shorter term and may only be paid via online payments.  Cash payments to our bank account is not acceptable. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Membership will be revoked should the terms of the payment plan not be followed.

· The WGSA allows a 40% discount for Full and Candidate membership for persons 60 years or older. To qualify for this discount, your Identity Document / Passport must accompany your application.

PLEASE NOTE:  From time to time, the WGSA has to prove to government and benefactors that we are a legitimate organisation with legitimate members. These institutions require information regarding the composition and demographics of our members, hence the addition of specific requests of information to our application form.

How to apply

New Members Membership Renewals
  •  Complete and submit the application online form
  • Attach all the relevant requested information
  • Pay the fee and send your proof of payment to 
  • Your membership will be confirmed with a receipt

How to pay

Thank you for your interest in joining the Writers Guild of South Africa. Please use your Name and Surname or Company Name as reference for the proof of payment. Choose your preferred method of payment:
Direct Bank Deposit / EFT
PLEASE NOTE: Cash payments, acceptable for once-off payments, need to carry an additional amount of R 45.00 to cover banking fees.

Banking Details

WGSA Current Account
Standard Bank, Northcliff
Branch No: 006305
Account No: 300082444
Account Type: Current

Membership Payment

Student Membership
Fee R 220.00 Pay
Candidate Membership
Fee R 500.00 Pay
Discounted Pay
Full Membership
Fee R 700.00 Pay
Discounted Pay
Corporate Membership
Fee R 1,200.00 Pay
Membership Plan Deposit
Fee Pay

Application Form

Please make sure you have your proof of payment ready before you fill in the application form. Your membership application will not be processed without this.