Should I send out my script as is?

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Yes, sure. But then don’t be surprised if you receive no response. It is very, very unlikely that you will find a producer or a director or even a lowly script reader, who will read through 90-odd unsolicited pages. A more effective strategy is to NOT send the entire script. Rather, prepare a good logline and synopsis of the script, and use these to attract interest in response to calls for scripts, which you can find en-masse on the internet.. A logline is one paragraph which tells the reader who and what your story is about- the essence of the story or idea – and should not exceed 100 words. A synopsis consists of one to (at very most) 3 pages, which summarises the story or idea, gives a sense of the characters as well as the look and feel.

Before sending out your logline and synopsis, please ensure that you have secured copyright on your script by registering it with the WGSA Script Registry.

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