How do I get my amazing screenplay to Hollywood?

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Congratulations! All successful films start with an amazing script. However, there’s mostly a huge reality check in store for writers who think their script is what Hollywood has been waiting for. Statistics show that for every one script that is turned into a film in Hollywood, 1000 scripts were read and rejected. (And that’s not counting the number of scripts written, but which were never read.) Your script is probably amazing, however it’ll need to go through a great many doors before knocking on Hollywood’s gate.

Rather look at the local market first, and get a professional script assessment of your work done. Yes, that costs money, but it’ll help you improve your screenplay and up your chances of finding somebody to make a film of it. Enter your work in competitions, both local and international. If you win or get shortlisted in a competition, your name gets out there. You can also try to query reputable script agents or managers to help you get your script into the right hands. There are numerous sites on the internet which teach you how to write a query letter. Do your research and then approach as many people as possible. You’ll be lucky if you get a couple of responses, but that’s better than nothing. Just make sure that these respondees are reputable and are not just looking to make a quick buck out of you. Unfortunately there are many chancers out there.

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