Collection Agency

Welcome to the WGSA Collection Agency


The WGSA Collection Agency aims to become the only recognised collection agency in South Africa to collect residual fees and royalties on behalf of local writers.

General Regulations

  1. The WGSA Collection Agency is part of the WGSA, but with its own set of Financial Books.
  2. WGSA makes use of freelance agents (only WGSA paid-up members) to compile, submit and process claims. These agents are paid a percentage of the money they have collected (excluding VAT) upon receipt of the money in the WGSA account.
  3. WGSA will continue to lobby for changes to the Copyright Act to include residuals on all genres and from all users.
  4. The WGSA deducts a 10% administration fee from residuals due to WGSA members, and 12% from all non-members. From this, the agent receives 4% and the additional 2% paid by non-members contributes to a legal aid fund for WGSA members.
  5. Non-members will have the option to join the WGSA before submitting their invoices.
  6. The distribution of residuals will be done within 21 days after receipt of the funds in the WGSA bank account, and upon receipt of an invoice from the writer. Thereafter, claims will be paid out in the first week of the month following receipt of the claim.
  7. Recipients will only be paid upon receipt of an invoice, reflecting all the correct amounts, banking details and other information as required by the WGSA Collection Agency.
  8. Unclaimed residuals will be kept for a period of three years, after which they will be channelled to the WGSA legal programme.
  9. The WGSA will not pay any interest on late claims.

How to claim residuals

  1. Once you have signed a contract with a production company (and the terms allow you to claim residuals), submit your contract to the WGSA, who will monitor repeat programming. Keep a list of all episodes that you wrote, your credit on the episode and the fees you have earned on a specific production. To ensure you do not lose this valuable information, keep your WGSA online profile current and add new productions to your profile as you finish them.
  2. Inform the WGSA if you know of any repeats of programmes you have worked on.
  3. Request that the production house you are working for mandates WGSA to monitor residual payments on its behalf. Due to the existing contract between Producers and the Broadcaster, WGSA can only claim residuals for the writer once the production house has signed a mandate for WGSA to claim such residuals.